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Joining ZMF is as easy as ABC. Below are downloadable forms that interested members can fill in and send back to us.

Diaspora Membership
This category is for all Zimbabwean citizens/non-Zimbabweans that are non-resident in Zimbabwe but wish to invest in mining in Zimbabwe. A copy of your passport, proof of residence and a registration form are a prerequisite.
Association Membership
This category is for a localised grouping of artisanal and small scale miners that is formed into an association and wishes to register as a member of ZMF.
Individual Membership
This is open to all artisanal and small-scale miners in Zimbabwe who wish to join ZMF. Upon completion of the form, and submission of a copy of your national ID. One can register as a member.
Corporate Membership/ Partners
This category is for all Corporates that wish to partner with ZMF. Upon completion of the form, and attachment of requisite documents, formal MOUs will be drawn and signed to solemnize the partnership.

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